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Sunday Morning Service
March 29, 2020 - 11:00 am via youtube
Congregational Singing
Prayer and Praise 
Scripture ReadingJohn 1:36-42
MessageAt Home With Jesus
SpeakerMawande Mani
Congregational Singing / Benediction 

Grunthal Bergthaler Mennonite Church
101 Southwood Ave.  Box 70, Grunthal, MB R0A 0R0
Church: 204-434-6241    Website: www.grunthalbergthaler.com
Email Address: office@gbmchurch.com

Secretary’s Office hours:    Tuesday – Friday:     8:30 am – 12 noon


Sunday Morning Worship Service     11 am via youtube

GBMC Events:

As of Wednesday, March 18 all church related activities have been cancelled until further notice.
Please check the Facebook page and church website for updates.
The Friday email will continue to go out during the duration of  cancellations.

The church will be meeting together this Sunday on our Youtube Channel at 11:00. You will be able to join the live stream as early as 10:30, to make sure you’re all connected and ready to go.
Are you already a subscriber, or visited the Grunthal Bergthaler Church Youtube channel? Great. We’ll see you there.
You can join the service on your smartphone, iPad or tablet, laptop, or PC.
Click on this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQk5fi55HHDXWO2buEnZOXA on Sunday and you’ll go right there. Then click on the March 29 service.  You could also Google “Grunthal Bergthaler Youtube channel” and find it that way. Or go to the church website https://www.grunthalbergthaler.com/ and click on the Live Stream tab.


You will be able to use the Live Chat feature on Youtube to let us know where you’re joining us.  Text 431-531-5153 for prayer and praise items.  We’ll try to share as many as we can during the service. Just remember to share your name, keep it concise, and if it is on behalf of someone else, make sure you have their permission. Chat and Comments will be moderated, so they might not appear instantly when you send them, or we may have chosen to hide them.
GBMCpics@gmail.com-send us photos Sunday morning of you and your clan in your church-from home meeting! Send other photos from the week too. Let others see what you were up to.
How we manage Youtube will be changing as well. We will continue to live stream, and that video will be public on the channel for 7 days. After that, you will have to contact the office for a link for a specific service that you’d like to view.

(from Wayne LeMay)


29  Judg. 6, 7; Ps. 52; 1 Cor. 14

30  Judg. 8; Ps. 42; 1 Cor. 15

31  Judg. 9, 10; Ps. 49; 1 Cor. 16


1  Judg. 11, 12; Ps. 50; 2 Cor. 1

2  Judg. 13-16; 2 Cor. 2

3  Judg. 17, 18; Ps. 89; 2 Cor. 3

4  Judg. 19-21; 2 Cor. 4



I will be including the Sunday bulletin Prayer and Praise list in the weekly Friday email during this cancellation period. You are welcome to email me your prayer requests and praise items and I will save them to include them in the Friday emails. If you have something personal to submit please send it to me by Thursday evening so that I can include it in the Friday morning email.
Should any of you have an emergency situation you would like prayer for immediately, you can email me anytime and I will immediately pass the email on to the church family.

Worship Ministry Elder –
Worship Planning Team:  Connie LeMay               Eric Klassen                Dave Plett                   Helen Martens
Ushers:                                  Dave Plett       Trevor Durksen           Brendon Penner              Joe Esau
Dave Penner               Isaac Froese               Dwayne Friesen

Audio/Visual Techs:             Wayne LeMay             Vern Rempel               Dave Klassen
Kas Wiens                   Ellena Klassen            Keagan Kliever

Service  Leaders:                  Randy Fast                  Eric Klassen                Earl Shilling              Mawande Mani

Scripture Readers:                Terry Friesen               Brendon Penner          Sheila Friesen             Deb Tessier

Worship Teams:                    Nathan & Stacy Martens                                 Kas & Lorraine Wiens
Cindy Fast                               Maryann Froese          Shirl Wiebe                  Boyd Kliever
Edna Wiebe                            Sid Wiebe                    Connie LeMay             Deb Esau
Auriel Gerbrandt                      Melissa Froese            Chris Driedger             Keagan Kliever
Edith Peters                            Travis Martens            Murray Martens           Giselle Toews
Dwight Wiebe                          Breagan Klassen         Victoria Plett                Georgia Friesen
Gil & Kara Friesen                   Kade Kliever                Braenna Harder          Brandie Funk
Ernie & Marlene Dyck             Steve Elias


Sanctuary Displays:  Helen Martens


1) Families of the Week:
Wayne and Deb Esau
Jared and Jasper Falk

2) Church of the Week: DropZone – Pray for our staff as they navigate how to connect with the youth in our community during this time. Also pray for our board of directors as we navigate what fundraising for the DropZone looks like in the coming months. Thanks everyone

3) Missionaries of the Week:
Gary & Sandy Parker – Word of Life

Union Gospel Mission

4) Elected Officials:
The R. M. of Hanover  – Reeve Stan Toews and local Councilor Jim Funk

5) REMEMBER: Please continue to pray for those who are suffering with
illness, depression, family or financial difficulties.


If you know of someone who would like to be added to the church email list please ask them to email me at office@gbmchurch.com.


If any of you need the connection to RightNow Media just email me and I will send you the link.