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Sunday Morning Service
May 31, 2020 - 11:00 am via youtube
Congregational Singing
Prayer and Praise 
Scripture ReadingRevelation 3:14-22
MessageThe Age of Laodicea https://youtu.be/Ru0VmJQYP30
SpeakerGeorge Wiebe
Congregational Singing / Benediction 

Grunthal Bergthaler Mennonite Church
101 Southwood Ave.  Box 70, Grunthal, MB R0A 0R0
Church: 204-434-6241    Website: www.grunthalbergthaler.com
Email Address: office@gbmchurch.com

Secretary’s Office hours:    Tuesday & Friday:     8:30 am – ?


Sunday Morning Worship Service     11 am via 



31  Prov. 16-18; Rom. 12

1  Prov. 19-21; Rom. 13

2  Prov. 22-24; Rom. 14

3  Prov. 25-27; Rom. 15

4  Prov. 28-29; Ps. 60; Rom. 16

5  Prov. 30, 31; Ps. 33;Eph. 1

6  Ecc. 1-3; Ps. 45;Eph. 2


Youth covid precautions – youth leaders will not give vehicle rides.  Bring your own lawn chair and Bible.  We will follow physical distancing rules.  If you are sick, stay home.

Senior Youth:
For all grade 10-12’s:   Friday, May 29. Bonfire and Bible study at Kurt’s (48 First St., Kleefeld)   at 730pm. Bring your Bible and lawn chair. Read Job 38-39 to prepare.

Junior Youth:
For all grade 7-9’s. Wednesday, June 3. Bible study and games at Crystal’s from 7-9. Bring lawn chair and Bible.



Family Ministries Elder —  Albert Wiebe (covering)
Vacation Bible School:                 Lorraine Wiens
Men’s Ministry:
Women’s Ministry:
Operation Christmas Child:          
Frieda Wiebe             Hilde Toews              Lorraine Wiens              Zoe Martens             Jill Plett

1) Families of the Week:
Nadine Friesen
Ray and Leona Friesen

2) Church of the Week: Pansy Chapel – “Join us in celebrating the precious gift of the Holy Spirit on this, often under celebrated, Pentecost Sunday!”

3) Missionaries of the Week:
Ovaldo & Margaret Braun – newsletter went out earlier this week. Please contact the church office if you did not receive the email.
One Hope Canada – CSSM Camps  –    “It is very hard right now to know what summer will look like but we seem to be making plans every day right now. We had our first day camp last week and it went very well.
We do know what June day camps will look like and we have opened up registration for that already.”

– June 1-2 Junior and PeeWee day camp 1
– June10-11 Teen day camp
– June 17-18 Preteen day camp 2
– June 23-24 Junior and PeeWee day camp 2

– – Duane Goertzen

4) Elected Officials:
LUD of Grunthal – Chair Jim Funk, Paul Perreault, Anita Funk, Tom Guenther

5) REMEMBER: Please pray for those who are suffering with illness, depression, family or financial difficulties and for our world as we deal with the enormous changes all around.