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Hope Africa – Mike and Marie-Eve Fast











Hello friends & family, I trust you are enjoying the warmer weather and being outside?  

University Graduation
Our students did it!  They worked hard and studied in our University since May 2016 and now the first 15 students have graduated!  They had to persevere through many challenges and ups and down.  Can you imagine having a job, being a student and being a church leader all at once?  And some with young families!  Oh and Mike, errrr Professor Mike, survived too.  So we all have a reason to celebrate.

On graduation day, the students were very excited, filled with the biggest sense of accomplishment and sporting the hugest smiles. Listening to their speeches was incredible.  Many of them shared how what they have learned has changed their teaching and that they now lead their church differently. It is so rare to hear the results from a ministry like we did that night, and for that, we are thankful. 

Thank you for the Study Bibles
We also wanted to make sure to really thank everyone for the financial
support to buy the Study Bibles for the students graduating.
The students were so thrilled to receive this on graduation day.
We have put together a video with a few
highlights from the graduation as a thank you!
Ministry News
Firstly, it is with sad hearts that we released Bishop Nyanga, the pastor who has worked with us for the past 1.5 years, as he will going going to be focusing his time with church planting in the neighboring province.

He will continue to work with us part time when he is back in Cape Town. We pray with him for a huge harvest of new disciples as he goes to minister in the Eastern Cape.

Secondly, Mawande, our brother-in-law, also left Hope Africa to go study in Canada.  He also leaves a big void in our ministry, but we pray his time studying will bare much fruits in the future.  

Thirdly, we have hired one of our pastor graduates from the Bible School to serve with us. Pastor Vuyile Nkabi (picture below) is a local senior pastor that has been involved in our programs the last few years. He also was a guest speaker at our pastors retreat last year on the topic of Balancing Marriage & Ministry.  God has given him a huge passion and ministry in the area of marriage & families. He frequently is a guest speaker at various events around Cape Town on those topics. He is married and has 2 sons aged 10 and 14.  We are very excited to see how God will use him here at our team at Hope Africa.

Pastor Vuyile Nkabi
Family News
As you might have heard through Facebook, some of our friends have raised funds for Marie-Eve and the boys to go for a holiday to Canada in June.  They will be stopping over in Montreal for 3 days (and meet baby Emma, Marie-Eve’s niece, for the first time) and then be in Manitoba until June 26th. Marie-Eve is also being flown out to Nashville to see friends for a week.  It will be a crazy traveling schedule for her, but she is hoping to see lots of you during her time in North America.
Prayer Requests
1. For Mike as he recruits potential new Bible School students.

2. For Bishop Nyanga as he does church planting in the Easter Cape.

3Pastor’s monthly meeting.  

4Safety.  We always welcome prayers about this and for peace of heart and mind.

5Travels.  For Marie-Eve and the boys as they travel.