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March 16, 2018


Greetings from South Africa. 

What a joy it is for me to write these updates and reflect on everything our Lord has been at work doing. Thank you for taking the time to read and rejoice with us.
New Bible School Class
A new year has brought a new group of church elders to join our Bible school training.  We have been very excited to see a number of younger church leaders come this year, they are hungry to learn from the Bible and develop into all that God has called them to.  Mike is again teaching Basic Bible Interpretation.
Seminar with USA pastors

At the end of February we had the privilege of hosting 2 pastors from the United States who came to discuss with local pastors here how to build churches like what we see in the New Testament.  

We discussed how our churches can be “a family of missionaries” where each member is reaching out to their neighbors and community instead of expecting the pastors to be doing all the work of ministry.  Eph 4:12 teaches us that the leaders of the church are to equip God’s people, and it is God’s people who are to go out and do the works of God.

As these discussions took place we tackled lots of good questions such as, “Do we need a building to be successful in God’s eyes as a church?” and “How do we help our people to see themselves as part of God’s story, God’s plan in our world today?
Local News
We wanted to let you know some local news that is happening around us.  There have been land invasion protests happening in the area that we work as things have definitely heated as of late. Over the past few weeks several land invasions have taken place in Cape Town and even the main road to get to our work had to be blocked off. A big protest is also happening beside the orphanage that we have been involved with. 
What is land invasion?  A group of people finds land that is unoccupied (but someone owns) on which they want to build structures and claim it.  They build their shacks on the piece of open field, but the structures are usually quickly demolished by others or the owner.  It results in public violence, riots, burning of tires,…  It’s a serious problem as many people are moving to Capetown and there aren’t enough housing options.
Many of you have heard or seen on the news about the droughts.  The Capetown dam levels have declined since 2015 and we now have critically low levels.  The city announced plans for “Day Zero“, when the municipal water supply will largely be shut off, potentially making Cape Town the first major city to run out of water.

Fortunately for us, through water sever saving measures and water supply augmentation, by March 2018 the City had reduced its daily water consumption by more than half to around 500 million liters per day, resulting in the initial prediction of Day Zero in April 2018 being pushed back to 2019. The situation however remains severe, particularly if the run of record dry winters continues through 2018.  We ask you to join us in prayers for Capetown.

Meanwhile, our family has become expert at using very little water, flushing toilets with buckets of grey water and short “stop and go” showers. 

On Sunday we were in DuNoon as Mike had the privilege to preach at a church there.  We love the people there so much.

Sadly, a shack fire  broke out in DuNoon on Tuesday morning. Approximately 100 informal structures  (shacks) were destroyed and more than 500 people displaced. 

Ministry News
Late last year we launched a new program we call Church Workshops. Basically we have opened up an opportunity for a minimum of 3 churches to work together to host a Workshop on a relevant topic for those churches.  We then provide a qualified teacher who is sent out to those churches to facilitate the training.  We are very excited to see this development as instead of calling pastors to come to us, this allows us to go to them.  We already have 11 workshops booked for this year, and we can see this program is catching fire in the local pastoral community.

Mike continues to oversee the Faith Discovery program. Last week there were 18 new believers from that course!!! Please pray that we would be faithful to disciple these students in the next number of weeks and help them to find healthy local churches to plug into.

Pastor Nkabi Update
Pastor Nkabi’s condition remains stable. He finished 30 days of radiation and will have another head scan in April to see where things are at. He is mostly paralyzed on the left side, but has been learning through physiotherapy how to better use the right side of his body to compensate. His attitude has remained amazing through it all. THANK YOU so much to everyone who very generously gave to him!  We have successfully brought the money across to assist his family at this time of serious need.

Mike & Marie-Eve Fast – Hope Africa Collective
Thanks for reading!!!!

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