Hope Africa – Mike and Marie-Eve Fast

Mike and Marie-Eve Feb

Hope Africa – Mike and Marie-Eve Fast











Greetings from Canada!!!

Our family is reunited. What a sentence to write.

5 weeks apart makes you realize a lot of things, and makes you appreciate being together even more.

There is no one who gets how crazy this last 5 years have been for our family than… our family. So being together again is both comforting and healing.

  • The boys started school in Grunthal on Wednesday and will be attending until the end of October. They are faced with a mixture of emotions during this transition, and we pray they adjust well.
  • They have enjoyed the freedom of being in Canada and running around outside safely. It’s been a beautiful thing for us to watch, especially now that Raphael’s iron levels have improved and that his energy is returning. Thank you Lord.
Reconnecting: But How?
We are in Canada. Well physically, at least, that is where we find ourselves. But to be honest, it’s a bit like we are walking in a dream and wondering when we will wake up. Things are mostly the same, but we are different.

Our thoughts are a bit jumbled still, yet we find ourselves having this intense desire to share with all of you about all the wonderful things we have had the privilege of being part of, and the brutal things we also were part of.  But how to answer “How were your last 2 years in Africa?” when people ask us? We would need at least a full day and many Kleenexes to answer that question! And even then, we might not be able to fully explain to you what it has been like.

So as Mike and I get ready to share in small groups and churches, we definitely feel a bit frazzled. A mix between not knowing where to start, nor knowing where to stop!

That said, we are excited to once again be here and have this chance to reconnect with many of you. If you would like to get together, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work out our schedule accordingly.  We will be in Manitoba until the first week of November.
We are excited to meet with you and chat about a few highlights from the last 2 years.  Once of them being Four12 and the work we have been able to do with them, bringing white and black pastors together.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see this video, this is our co-workers sharing about their thoughts on this new partnership:

Update about Four12 from Pastor Harold & Pastor Cebo
Another thing you “might” get Mike to share about, without even having to try to hard, is his motorcycle trip through some of the craziest African roads. Just ask carefully… and make sure you have time!  Haha.
You might hear about the constant protests or the severe drought.
You might want to hear about Raph’s exciting fundraising for the orphanage in Capetown.
If you want to get together with us,
let us know so we can schedule time
for you as soon as possible.
Prayer Requests
1. Eye Surgery. Marie-Eve is going for a follow up eye surgery tomorrow morning (September 7th). Pray for peace and quick healing of her left eye.

2. Wisdom.  As we still wrestle with timeline of how much longer we should go back to South Africa.

3. Preaching.  Pray for us as we continued to visit churches and share about God’s work.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Mike & Marie-Eve Fast