Hope Africa – Mike and Marie-Eve Fast

Mike and Marie-Eve Feb

Hope Africa – Mike and Marie-Eve Fast











February, 2018

Dear friends and family,

First of all, thank you for your continued interest in us and in Hope Africa Collective. We wanted to give you and update on how 2017 went and ask you continue to pray for our ministry in South Africa.
This year, we welcomed 2 new families from Norway into our Hope Africa team, after saying good bye to another who finished with us and went back to the USA.
The year also started with the boys being very home sick, and crying often to go back to Canada, which had us very concerned and on our knees in prayers.
It is also with sadness that we released Bishop Nyanga to go plant churches in the Eastern Cape (Eastern part of South Africa) and hired Pastor Nkabi, a respected pastor who is exceptional in the area of marriage and families. He was an incredible addition to our ministry and helped us to connect with new networks of pastors.
Mike became a “professor” in our Bible School and taught “Basic Bible Interpretation”. He saw his first class graduating in April. Many people donated so we could offer the graduates study Bibles. What a blessing!
It was an extremely busy year for Mike, managing his new role of overseeing the Church Equip team at Hope Africa and its 12 programs, but by the grace of God, he did it. These programs reached over 150 pastors just in 2017, with many testifying to huge differences in their leadership, preaching and spiritual understanding.
In March, homeschooling became increasingly difficult as Raphael battled with low iron levels, leaving him to struggle to do the simplest of tasks. Many tests and
specialists visits later, he is finally on the “way up” and we pray he recovers completely in the near future.
In May, we hired Cebo to teach our course called “Faith Discovery” and lead the Young Leader’s Network.
In July, when Marie-Eve got an opportunity to have all flights paid for her to go to Canada with the boys, we knew it was a God-sent. Raphael had started to become passionate about a local orphanage, and God used this trip to further spur him on to fundraise as much as possible for the children. This changed everything for Raph, from the homesickness to his desire to be here in South Africa to see change happen.
In September, we were able to start a replicable discipleship program called “Crossroads” that will see us take pastors through 8 months of training that they can then use in their churches.
In October, we had the immense privilege of taking 35 of our pastors to a local conference. The fruit of that gathering has included many walls coming down across racial lines, and we believe God is just starting!
Also in October, we started offering Church Workshops. We ask 3 churches to work together to request a workshop at their church location in Leadership Development, Biblical Training or Disciple Making.
In November, as many of you heard, Pastor Nkabi was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it has been incredibly difficult to watch him and his family struggle though the last few months. This leaves a major hole in our ministry, so we hired Pastor Harold, a man gifted with administration, communication and worship leading.
Please pray for:
- For Mike as he teaches at our Bible School,
- For the right person to be found to replace pastor Nkabi,
- A continuing sense of peace as we pursue what the Lord has in store for us,
- Health and safety for our staff and family and
- For us to develop new pastoral care ministry.
In faith,
Mike and Marie-Eve, Raphael and Vincent