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Category: Jr. YouthJY Skating Night


January 31, 2018

Junior Youth Skating/Sledding Night. Bring skates, sticks, sleds for skating and sledding at the Fair Grounds. Hot chocolate and cookies after. Meet at church at 7 - 9 pm.

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Category: Sr. YouthSY Bible Study


February 2, 2018

Senior Youth Bible Study at 7:30 pm at Randy and Joyce's(25101). Genesis 7. Bring a Bible and skates if you want.

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Category: Jr. YouthJY Bible Study


February 7, 2018

Junior Youth Bible Study at church from 7 - 9 pm.
Bring a bible.
Reminder to bring form and $ for retreat

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Category: Sr. YouthSY Night


February 10, 2018

Senior Youth are invited to attend the Jordan St. Cyr Concert at church at 7 pm.

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Category: GeneralJY Leaders meeting


February 13, 2018

Junior Youth Leaders meeting at Colton's house.


Category: Jr. YouthJY Bible Study


February 14, 2018

Junior Youth Love Bible Study
at church. Feel free to wear red or pink.
Be sure to bring form and $ for youth retreat

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Category: Sr. YouthSY Visitation Night


February 16, 2018

Senior Youth Visitation Night
Meet at church to go visit some of the elderly of the community.

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Category: Jr. YouthJY Service Night


February 21, 2018

Junior Youth Service Night
Sorting food at Winnipeg Harvest. Meet at church at 4:30 pm.
Pick up at church at 9:30 pm. Bring $$ for a snack after if you like.


Category: GeneralSY Leaders Meeting


February 22, 2018

Senior Youth Leaders Meeting at Nadine's house.


Category: Sr. YouthMini-Stick night!


February 23, 2018

All grade 10-12's welcome at church at 7:30 for a mini-stick tournament. Bring a mini-stick.

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Category: Jr. YouthRoseau River Saturday


March 3, 2018

We will be going to Roseau River Bible Camp all Day Saturday. We will be singing worship songs, reading the bible, doing skits, sledding, eating, praying, playing indoor and outdoor games etc. Meet at church at 9am. Pick up at church at 9pm. May need some parents to help drive. Bring a Bible, paper, pen, outdoor clothes, skates(optional). Cost - $25. Please pay Pastor Randy asap so we know how much food to bring.

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