Sr Youth

  • SY Wind-Up - June 15, 2018 - 6:00 pm to

    Lazertopia. Meet at church 6pm. Bring about $20 for lazer tag.  Bring signed waver form Lazertopia Bring extra $ for food. Wear closed toe shoes

  • KFC - Visit Noah's Ark - Senior Youth - July 6, 2018 - N/A to

    KFC –Kentucky from Canada
    1. What – We are planning a trip to see a life size replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. We also plan to visit a church in Louiville and the creation museum. Check them out at
    2. Why – We have been studying through Genesis for senior youth this year and we hope to strengthen our faith in Christ by seeing what the ark in Genesis 6-8 may have looked like. We also hope to build relationships with every person that goes on the trip and spur each other on toward following Jesus.
    3. When – July 6-11.  Meet at church at 5:30am on July 6.
    a. July 6-7- drive to Kentucky
    b. July 8 – visit Baptist church in Louiville for morning service then go to Creation Museum
    c. July 9 – visit the Ark Encounter
    d. July 10-11 – drive home.
    4. Cost
    a. Cost per person - $450 + food.
    iv. Food – bring your own $ for food
    b. By June 22, each person needs to have paid Randy or fundraised $450.
    5. Fundraiser options
    a. Memorization by June 22
    i. Memorize (word for word) Genesis 1 and receive $100 off
    ii. Memorize (word for word) Genesis 1+2 and receive $150 off.

    iii. Grunthal Grocery cards – talk to Randy if you would like to sell some.
    6. Preparation
    a. Make sure you bring a passport and buy health insurance. If you are under 18, give Randy a note signed by your parent giving your permission to cross the border with our group.
    7. Transportation
    a. We hope to take to mini vans.  If you know of one we could borrow, please let us know

    8. Packing list – Bible, notebook, bathing suit, toiletries, passport, permission slip from parents, clothes, sunscreen, $US for food and souvenirs,  (bedding not needed)
    9. For more info talk to Pastor Randy – 371-4743