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Peters’ Ministry Update      December 2017
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Dear Friends and Family, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3:17). This verse epitomizes the missional heart of God. As a righteous judge, Jesus could have come and placed us all under his righteous judgement, and he would been completely justified in doing that. Instead, we can know him as Saviour. He is both judge and life giver and we all know him as one or the other (John 5:21, 22). The desire of God – the very reason he sent his Son into the world – is to seek and to save that which is lost and under judgement. What a marvelous gift in Jesus we have been given! Freedom instead of judgement. Life instead of death. Our humble Saviour has come. “…falling on their knees, they worshipped him” (Matt. 2:11).


Ministry Update As many of you know, I was in India in November. We, a team of five, had a wonderful trip and there are many stories I could share with you. As a start, here are 4 reflections from my 2.5 weeks away:

1. We visited two village churches on our first full day in India. At the first church, four new believers were baptised in a local pond near the church. It was a joy to witness this celebration, and to see an example of how the Lord is building his church in this Indian state of 4 million. Kirit, our partner leader in that area, reports to us that 20 – 30 souls are being added to the church in this state every day. Leaders like Kirit have repeatedly spoken to us of the need for solid Bible teaching. So many believers that we connected with are first generation Christians. What joy we have to see how Jesus is building his church in our day.

2. Things are changing for believers in India. Although we did not visibly see this change, we were reminded by many that there is increasing opposition and more challenges for Gospel work. We cancelled a visit to a particular village because of the potential consequences to local believers that our visit would cause. The blinds of the building where we had our second seminar were never opened so that no one could look in to see our gathering. And similarly, the first seminar was held on the unfinished 2nd story of Kirit’s house, instead of a tent in the mission compound yard, to reduce visibility (although I am sure that our group’s presence was still known there).

3. Prayer. The conference in Shimla was characterized by much prayer. After nearly every session there were extended times of praying for the delegates. It was a joy to connect with our brothers and sisters in this way and to labour in prayer together.

4. As is typical, the vision and burden for the lost among our Indian brothers and sisters Support for Keith & Lorilee’s ministry can be made payable to: Advancing Indigenous Missions 235 Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L9 (earmarked ‘Keith & Lorilee’s support’) – Keith speaking from John ch2 with a village congregation Congregation praying for the believers who were baptized was inspiring. One pastor we spent a day with shared part of his story with us. He prayed over 20 years ago that God would not send him to a people who knew of Christ but instead where he was completely unknown. The Lord led him to a place in the state of Punjab and after 22 years of ministry, 24 churches have been planted in that area and they are connected to 76 of the surrounding villages. The church we worshipped in together had about 200 former Sikh’s raising their voices to praise the name of Jesus.

(If you are interested in reading more about the trip, you can read two articles I wrote at these links:,

Family Update

We are looking forward to spending time with both of our families this Christmas. My (Lorilee’s) sister Stephanie and Zach and their boys are coming home from Alberta as well as my two brothers, Daniel (Calgary) and Mark (Saskatoon).

Emma, Ilsa and Caleb all seem to enjoy learning French at school. Emma and Ilsa are taking piano lessons, Emma is in gymnastics, and Ilsa in ballet, all for the first time this year.

The rest of the kids do their activities in the mornings. I enjoy taking Caleb, Madison and Abigail to play groups and our church’s moms group each week. I am also part of a prayer group for Laura Secord school that meets bi-weekly and we go to story time at the library when we can.

We have exciting news … baby number 6 is on the way! We are expecting the next little Peters to be born next June.

Prayer & Praise

1. Praise God for the growth of the church among the unreached in India! Jesus is seeking out and saving many who have never before heard of him. Pray that the believers would be grounded in God’s word and be fruitful in continuing to spread the Good News.

2. Pray for the ministry trip to Bangladesh coming up in February. Pray for Keith’s speaking preparation and that the trip will be fruitful in encouraging, challenging and building up the indigenous church leadership in that nation.

Thank you for your love, prayer, support and encouragement!

Merry Christmas! Love, Keith, Lorilee, Emma, Ilsa, Caleb, Madison, Abigail & Baby