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Peters’ Ministry Update
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“Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.”  Galatians 1:3-4
January 2019
Dear Friends and Family,
“But as for me, I will never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world has been crucified to me through the cross, and I to the world” (Gal 6:14).
The Galatians were hearing a message from false teachers which disregarded the cross of Christ (v. 12). Paul says that these teachers were seeking to generate a following (4:16) and a response which made them look good (6:12). Their message was self serving.
There is a temptation in ministry (and in every part of our lives for that matter), to do what we do to impress others. Paul knows that the message of the cross means persecu-tion (Gal 5:11). What is the secret of his endurance? It is his boast in “the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul is convinced that the only thing which matters is that he has been accepted because of Jesus’ work on the cross. This too is our fuel (both for you and us), for obedience and our true joy.
Ministry Update
I want to share a few highlights of my trip to India in the November. (You can read a brief overview of the two conferences we held at:
? As you may have noticed from the devotional at the beginning of this letter, I focused my teaching from Galatians. My two team members, whom I greatly appreciate and was blessed to travel with, taught about the Covenants and from Ephesians chapter 2.
? My personal highlight from the trip was interviewing a few of the pastors after the first Leadership Seminar and hearing from them what they learned from the teaching. It was a joy to hear of their renewed zeal to follow Jesus and serve him faithfully.
? It is always a blessing to work with Kirit (one of AIM’s mission partners in India’s northeast) . I particularly appreciate how he is praying and working toward unifying the church in his state. It is a challenge with many of his people who continue to hold on to ethnic animosity. Our team had the opportunity to speak into this particular situation from the Scripture. Pray that the Word would bear fruit and change hearts.
? It was a trip with very unpredictable travel. We missed one train by two minutes that required that we drive for 6 hours through the night instead. Our final drive the to airport was bumper to bumper traffic for hours and we just made our flight home (thankfully it was delayed!).
December is always a full month in our office with wrapping up the year and looking ahead to the next. We praise God for his generous provision through his people in De-cember. AIM was facing a significant shortfall and many responded very generously to help the mission continue on with the plans for ministry overseas in the next few months.
Support for Keith & Lorilee’s ministry can be made payable to: Advancing Indigenous Missions 235 Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L9 (earmarked ‘Keith & Lorilee’s support’) –
Keith speaking at the Pastor’s conference in North India
New Delhi Train Station early morning (note the smog)
Last week I had the joy of going to Morden EMMC and leading a Seminar on Islam. I shared three areas: 1) an overview of what Muslims believe, 2) addressing common ques-tions about Islam, and 3) sharing the Gospel with your Muslim neighbour/friend.
I travel again to Bangladesh in March. There are two pastors from Canada who will be joining me and we will be holding two Leadership Seminars for indigenous Pastors and missionaries. We will also be travelling with a few of the local leaders and doing some ministry in rural churches. Pray especially that God would use us to mentor and encour-age some of the young ministry leaders who have many different responsibilities.
Family Update
Since the beginning of November, I (Keith) have had some questions about my health. Some of you may be aware and have been praying (thank you). Over the past month I have been feeling much better. We don’t have a lot of specifics but I will be seeing a few doctors in the next while to hopefully learn more.
Lorilee really enjoys her involvement in our church’s mom’s group that meets every Wednesday morning. They will be doing a Bible study call God of Creation starting in February.
Our Christmas was filled with family and friend gatherings and our family enjoyed each one of those get togethers. We feel so blessed by our friendships and family relationships! It was convenient that Jared wasn’t crawling yet at Christmas, so he didn’t get into the presents or pull down any Christmas trees!
Prayer & Praise
1. Please pray for the upcoming ministry in Bangladesh. Pray that I (Keith) would par-ticularly be used by God to encourage Salim who has taken over the leadership of the mission. He has faced many challenges and discouragement.
2. Pray for Gospel unity in the churches in Tripura India. Ethnic animosity continues to be an issue. In Gal 2, Peter deviated from the truth of the Gospel (vv. 11-14) in his example, but not necessarily in his teaching. Pray that the teaching and example of the believers in Tripura would be in step with the Gospel.
3. Please pray for my health question as mentioned above.
4. Praise God for new ministry partnerships. We have been welcomed by the EMMC conference as Associate Missionaries. Pray that we would be a blessing to the confer-ence churches.
Thank you for your faithful love, prayer, support and encouragement!
Keith, Lorilee, Emma, Ilsa, Caleb, Madison, Abigail & Jared
Lunch at the Pastor’s conference in Northeast India

Keith & Lorilee