Advancing Indigenous Missions

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Advancing Indigenous Missions
– Keith and Lorilee Peters




March 20, 2018

Dear Friends and Family,


It has been just over a week since I returned from Bangladesh. Thank you for your encouragement and prayer during my time away—it means so much to Lorilee and I!

1)         On the map of Bangladesh, the black dots represent the areas I visited and had the opportunity to minister in. It was wonderful to see how Christ is building his churches in the distant corners of this country.


2)        In this picture I am in a Hindu village. I had opportunity to share a Gospel message with villagers who, until very recently, had not heard of Jesus.

A local missionary, Shimon, has been working to share Christ with them through an adult literacy program. The program helps the adults learn to read using stories from the Bible.


3)      Above is a path to one of the villages we visited, with banana trees gracing the roadside. (Side note: the fresh bananas are super sweet in Bangladesh and are a real treat!)

4)        Following a church gathering we shared at, Titus (the pastor with whom I was traveling) and I were invited into a local home for tea. While we had fellowship together, we heard the story of the girl on the far left in the picture. Her name is Loke (pronounced “Loh-kay”).

She was married at 11. The arranged marriage was a deception by the groom’s party, as they did not disclose the fact that he was mentally ill. She has since divorced and bears the shame of being a divorced woman in the village. It seemed apparent that she visibly wears this shame.

What does one share in this situation? I’m not familiar with all the details of life in this village and, even though I’ve travelled to Bangladesh 9 times, I only am beginning to grasp some of the intricacies of the culture. Yes, it is easy to feel inadequate (and we are on our own), but it is also necessary to remember the adequacy of Jesus. I don’t have anything to offer, but Jesus does.

So, I shared with her about the shame that Jesus experienced in going to the cross, which was put on him because of our sin. He bore our shame in order that we might be set free and live in the glorious freedom of his forgiveness and grace!

Pray for Loke to know and understand the Gospel of his love and forgiveness.


5)        I love these Pastors and missionaries. These are some of the men that I’ve been privileged to connect with over the past 9 years. Around 90% of them are first generation Christian.


6)      The missionaries eagerly received the Word. I shared 3 keynote messages during the conference. The first was about contentment in ministry (from John 3:22-30), the second was about the urgency of mission, the clarity needed in mission, and the grace of God in mission (from John 4:1-42), and the third was about who Jesus is, what he came to do, and the power of his transforming grace (John 5:1-30).

Pray that the messages would bear fruit in their lives and through their ministry.

7)         Above is the group picture that was taken on the staff retreat. During the gathering these leaders shared that together, by God’s grace, they plan to plant 40 new churches in 2018!

Pray for the spread of the Gospel and for this vision to be realized.


8)      I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Luke Sarkar. He was attacked in his home by terrorists for sharing the Gospel. (You can read about the attack which BBC wrote here:

Pray for Pastor Luke and his family. Following the incident he was unable to continue in the ministry and now he and his wife are trying to support themselves by operating a roadside shop in a small town.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support. We are so grateful that God has lead you to be an integral part of this ministry.

Keith & Lorilee