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– Gary and Sandy Parker

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July 13, 2018


  1. The trip on the Trans Amazon was safe and productive, and the missions conference was also a fruitful time of ministry.
  2. Our camping season is winding down.  We had about 500 campers in attendance with many making decisions and a very minimal number of accidents or injuries.
  3. Good progress is being made on construction.  A new staff house should be ready by the end of the month and we have about half the walls up on the new camp and conference dormitory the weather has been very cooperative.


  1. Sandy and I are traveling to Rio this week.  Gary will speak in three different churches and we will have a couple of days off on the beach.  Sandy badly sprained her ankle a couple of weeks ago. Please pray she can enjoy the trip and does not reinjure it.
  2. Next week Gary will be traveling to the Amazon to teach the students in our “floating seminary” how to preach.  (July 21st –  July 30th)
  3. All our kids are in important moments of their lives and ministries.  Mishaela is considering relocating to Dallas for her job, Joshua (today is his birthday!) is in the midst of reorganization at his church and Mackenzie is deciding if she should extend her ministry in Portugal for another year. Pray for them so have wisdom.

Thanks for your prayers,
Gary & Sandy
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