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October 11, 2018


  1. We had a great time as a family in Portugal and Ireland!  It was such a blessing to be with the kids and hear all about what God is doing in and through them.  It was also an honor to minister to the staff of Word of Life Portugal as well as speak in two conferences and two churches.
  2. The Solar energy panels have been ordered and our partner mission has agreed to fund this project in exchange for scholarships.  This will be a huge blessing for the ministry on various levels.  This first stage will reduce our energy bill by a third.
  3. Our strategic planning weekend went very well, and we are excited about implementing a new emphasis on ministering to families as the new dorms become available.


  1. This weekend Gary will be speaking at a men’s conference.  Pray for God to bless this conference and challenge the men who are in attendance.
  2. Our first-year students will be doing an evangelistic outreach during one the largest Catholic religious festival in Brazil.  Millions of people come to Belem for this event.  Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of the people they will be speaking to.
  3. Next weekend Gary will be teaching Biblical Counseling at our weekend leadership training course and then speaking at our church on Sunday.  Pray for effective ministry.

Thanks for your prayers,
Gary & Sandy
Gary’s devotional blog:  www.garygleans.blogspot.com
(from Sandy – he also teaches on Thursday every week
here at the Seminary and is the Administrator of all the ministries
taking place here in Benevides. Appreciate your prayers.)