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- Gary and Sandy Parker

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June 13, 2017



1.     Gary’s trip to Curitiba went very well.  The messages were well received, friendships were made and renewed and several people expressed interest in coming to study at Word of Life.

2.    The Lady’s Conference was a great success with almost 350 in attendance.  We are so thankful for our staff ladies who do such a great job with this event.

3.      Gary’s cousin, Duane and his family, along with several members from the church he pastors in Iowa, are visiting and doing a great job with a variety of different ministries.  It is always an encouragement to have groups with us.     



1.      Sandy’s health continues to be a concern for us.  Her back has improved but is still very limiting for her.  Then this weekend was our staff retreat and she attended but came home with great difficulty breathing as her asthma has really been giving her problems.  It is hard to remember the last time she was healthy please pray for grace, strength and healing.    

2.    Thursday is our annual sports marathon.  Pray for good weather, safety and that many will understand the Gospel and give their lives to Christ.   

3.     This weekend Gary will be speaking to about 500 men at a denominational conference at a town about 3 hours from here.  Please pray for an effective time of ministry.        


Thanks for your prayers,                  

Gary & Sandy, Mishaela, Joshua & Hilary and Mackenzie

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