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- Henry and Jan Armstrong

Henry and Jan Armstrong







 Quick Update on the Armstrongs


April 2017

Some Personal Thoughts

I’ve come to notice lately (the last 35 years or so) that prayer letters are sometimes difficult to produce; they take a lot of work (for me, at least … perhaps others can more easily come up with exciting material.) But, the bottom line is (as we say in N. America,) or, at the end of the day, (as we say in Singapore,) this is all about prayer. Sometimes life becomes routine and not as exciting as it was in the past. But God is still there; He is still at work. And oftentimes in ways we would never think He might be working. The past 2 months held opportunities to touch the lives of several people, as well as to be encouraged and blessed by several others. Through it all we see the faithfulness of God, the faithfulness of His people whom He has placed in our lives, and His desire for us to be faithful. Your faithfulness in praying for us and (for some of you) giving financially has sustained us and encouraged us. Thank you for your part in these ministries.

Moving… in the future

Answer to prayer: A few months ago, we asked for prayer concerning our lease expiring and the need to find a new place to live by the end of May. There were several complications making it a very difficult thing. I was just informed by our landlord that we don’t need to be out of our house till the end of August. This gives us some breathing space, as there has been no time to seriously look for a new place, let alone start packing up for the move. Praise God for answered prayer! Quick trip to Kalimantan This Saturday (April 8th) I will go to Kalimantan. On the 11th, I will take a German couple to visit Berea Seminary (the school that Janet’s father started 60 years ago.) They are interested in ministry at Berea. I will make a short trip up to our old home (Serimbu) on the 12th/13th…. Then, back to Pontianak on the 15th, speak at a church there on the 16th, and 17th back to Singapore. 18th, I have SIM guests coming in, so I need to be back before they get here! Your prayers for: safety in travel, boldness in giving counsel, protection from the evil one, – are greatly appreciated.


Many of you know that Janet and I first moved to Singapore 17 years ago to serve as Resident Trainers at Asian Cross-cultural Training Institute. We had the privilege to live at ACTI for 11 years, till they moved and restructured. For several years now ACTI has been running pre-field training courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand (4 weeks) and Singapore (2 weeks). Though we are no longer with ACTI, we are blessed with many friends from many countries, some of whom are still close friends, and we encourage every potential cross-cultural worker we meet to consider attending one of their courses. A resident training program in which people from different cultures live and learn together is, in our opinion, the best pre-field training a person can get. On March 30, I was 2 privileged to attend the graduation of the latest batch of ACTI trainees, along with others from our office.

Awaiting our 1st grandchild

Our first grandchild is due April 20th or so… Janet has been back in Canada for a few weeks, helping Joey and Byron get their new house (in Squamish, BC) ready (they moved March 18th. ) April 30th I will fly to Canada. Janet and I come back to Singapore on May 16th.

Update on little David

Some people have been asking about the little guy who had had an operation here in February. Here is a recent quote from his dad: “He does about 2 hours of therapy at home each day. Getting slowly better at controlling his head, but still not really in control for sitting, etc. His eyes sometimes seem to respond to changes in light, but there’s still much uncertainty regarding his ability to see. Otherwise things seem almost normal. His head hasn’t grown, his soft spot is pretty consistently caved in a bit. So it’s sort of just a waiting game on what functionality he will have.” They continue their ministry in Indonesia. A big thank you to all who prayed and helped out in various ways while they were here.

Financial Concern: Perhaps it is lack of faith on my part to mention this, but we are in need of more financial partners in Singapore. Part of our salary comes through World Team, and part through SIM. Our account at SIM is not doing well. Please pray with us concerning this need. Thanks so much!


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World Team Among the Oroko

- Dan and Lisa Friesen

Dan and Lisa Friesen








May 27, 2017

Greetings from Cameroon!

How are you today? I’m sitting in our office, enjoying some cooler weather for a change. Dan is in Kumba to attend the Cameroon Baptist Seminary graduation. Zachs Elangwe, on of the Oroko translators, will be graduating today. He has already begun pastoring in a village a couple hours’ drive south of here among another people group which has remarkable linguistic similarities to Oroko. We’re wondering whether a computer adaptation program could be used to transfer the Oroko New Testament into their language!

Meanwhile, it feels like it has been a long time since we’ve written. Thanks so much for your prayers! Here are some answers to those prayers:

  • Consultant checks on the New Testament are essentially complete except for wrapping up misc. follow-up questions. The consultant will be coming June 5-10 to help us tidy up the final issues.
  • Typesetting has been tentatively scheduled for October, so we will have until then to get everything formatted and triple-checked. The InterChurch Committee has also set a tentative launch date for the New Testament - November 2018! So, start planning your visit!  ;-)
  • We enjoyed a good visit from Elsie, our homeschool coordinator, in April.
  • Scotts came and packed up the rest of their house. We still have a little work to remove all the translation-related items from the “Translation Room” before the end of June, but it is lining up nicely with the end of the translation work here.
  • Dan’s trip to the US went well. He enjoyed his time with Rachel as well as the opportunity to participate in WT Global meetings.
  • The house did not completely fall apart while Dan was gone. There were a few minor problems, but that happens even when Dan IS here! :)
  • The Premiere Showing of the Jesus Film has been rescheduled for June 30th! Pray that the film will be used widely throughout the Oroko area and draw many to Jesus!

Current Prayer Requests

  • Pray for all the details that need to be completed in preparing the New Testament for publication: publication application (including details like how many to print, what kind of paper & cover, etc.), funding, placement of pictures, formatting, etc. We just found out that we can include Genesis (which is already done and consultant-checked) with the New Testament when we publish, which is very exciting! But, it also means more checking, comparing those pictures and glossary items with those selected for the NT.
  • Pray for the organization of a read-through of the whole New Testament in July by a representative group of church, literacy, and community leaders. In addition to catching errors, their feedback and endorsement of the New Testament could have a big impact on it’s acceptance.
  • Pray for OBTICC (Oroko Bible Translation InterChurch Committe) as they plan the logistics for the Jesus Film premiere, plan the training of people to use the film, and manage subsequent use of the equipment and showings. We are trying to leave this entirely in their hands. Pray that the Oroko will truly have a heart to reach their own people for Christ!
  • Similarly, pray for leadership on the literacy side. A plan has been started to begin training teachers to use Oroko materials in the schools – pray that it will happen! Pray too for continued progress on the series of 6 books to be used in the schools. Some dialects have completed up to book four, others are still working on the first book.
  • Pray for wisdom for us as we try to decide whether to spend part or all of the heavy part of rainy season in Kumba. 
  • Finally, pray for Rachel as she is doing an internship with a Christian engineering ministry in Indiana this summer. I’ve attached her prayer letter if you’d like to know more. She is in need of both prayers and financial support.

Thanks so much for your prayers! We’re really feeling the need for prayers as we head down the home stretch on the Oroko New Testament. Pray that Satan will not be allowed to disrupt the work in any way!

In His Hands,

Thanks so much for your prayers!

In His Hands,
Dan, Lisa, Rachel & Joshua Friesen

April 2017

Dear friends and family,

As the five-year-old child of missionaries, I started my first little Bible study. Though it was comprised of playing teacher more than anything else, it was the beginning of God’s work in my young heart. As I continued to grow, so too did my desire to follow my parent’s footsteps into missions. I found myself following my Mom’s footsteps to the University of Northwestern St. Paul where, in a 3-2 program with the University of Minnesota, I am pursuing a major in mechanical engineering.

The fire that God placed in my heart still burns to be involved in missions. Being at Northwestern has opened my eyes to many things, including the mission field that this, my passport nation, has become. The Lord has placed it on my heart to step out in faith. I became aware of SonSet Solutions, a ministry focused on developing technology that advances the gospel. After much prayer and consideration, God led me to apply, and I am excited to have been accepted for a summer internship starting on May 22nd .

SonSet Solutions’ mission is “to apply our technical expertise to explain and demonstrate who Jesus Christ is, strengthen his followers, and mobilize his workers.” In 1975, a small team of HCJB World Radio engineers began a radio transmitter project with the goal of spreading the gospel message. After planting over 450 Christian radio stations in over 100 countries, the HCJB Global Technology Center became SonSet Solutions in 2014, still with the same goal of Gospel work through the use of technology.

While I will be working on a variety of projects, my primary focus will be on the Equipment Power Protection (EPP) device. The EPP is designed to monitor the power supplied to expensive and vital equipment in places like hospitals and radio stations. This equipment needs protection from the poor quality power in much of the world. I will be responsible for the mechanical aspects of the EPP, refining them to best suit their purpose and seeking a cost-effective means of production.

Getting to participate in the ministry that SonSet Solutions has been faithfully providing is an exciting step for me. Stepping out in faith here is the down payment on His call in my life. I am excited to be a part of this ministry to explore future ministry for which God has both called and equipped me. As exciting as the adventure is, I know it will also be scary. I will need partners that are willing to explore this path with me and I need your prayers.

As a nonprofit, SonSet Solutions requires me to raise support for my internship just as their staff does. If you feel led to partner with me financially, please visit and search for my name there. Alternatively, you can send a check payable to SonSet Solutions to:

SonSet Solutions

P. O. Box 2709 Elkhart, IN 46515-2709

Please include just my account number, 130025, on the memo line of the check.

A receipt acknowledging you tax-deductible donation will be sent to you.

In Him,

Rachel Friesen (605) 432-8013