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- Ron and Eunice Wiebe

Ron and Eunice Wiebe








Dear Friends:                                                                                                                                      June 2017

It was a long but blessed trip, (just under 10,000 kms/6000 miles) lasting 20 days. We managed to squeeze a lot into it. Ron started off by attending NBBI’s spring conference May 4-6. I joined him that Saturday afternoon and we started driving south. We arrived in Ridgecrest, North Carolina on the 8th. My thoughts would say:  “What a zoo!” but really it was an infinitesimal glimpse of what heaven would be like . . .over 1500 Christian brothers and sisters from over 100 countries of the world, all gathering to praise God’s name and rejoice at God’s work among the children in our world. I guess the zoo analogy was due to all the different languages. We had simultaneous translations of more than 10 major languages going on during the meetings. I helped with Portuguese interpretation at least once a day. That was an experience! The speakers rattled off and we translators tried to keep up.

Highlights of the 80th Anniversary International Conference of Child Evangelism Fellowship®: I think the parade of flags of the countries where CEF® missionaries or volunteers are presently serving is usually the peak, but the reports and anecdotes of the ministry around the world came a close second. CEF has over 3,244 full-time missionaries worldwide, 95% who are nationals serving in their own country. CEF ministries reached 19,828,854  children last year, through face-to-face ministry such as clubs and classes. Over 7.6  million children made decisions for the Lord! Please pray that those who heard but have not made decisions will come to the saving knowledge of Christ soon. Thanks. CEF’s goal is to be present in each of the countries of the world. Due to war and politics, this is not possible at this time. We keep praying that God will continue to open doors. Please participate in praying with us this year for the children of North Korea. Ask God to break down the barriers and allow the light of His Gospel to openly shine forth there, so children can hear about His love and His salvation. Thanks.

After hearing Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis (I translated one of his messages. . .but that’s another story) we really wanted to go visit the Ark and the Creation Museum at Williamstown and Petersburg, Kentucky, but it was not to be this time. We drove on to Minneapolis to see our other granddaughter instead. It appears that she will be a talker. . . it must be in the genes. We got there on Mother’s Day, so it was nice to celebrate with our daughter and her family. From there we went to Manitoba and spent the week visiting Ron’s Mom and his brother and sisters who live there. We also took a “side” trip to Regina and got to see our other son and daughter in law as well, so that made our trip extra special. After all these good times, driving almost 4000 kms home (2500 miles) was tough. We made it safely back to Moncton May 24. No problems with the car or our health.  Thank-you for your prayers in our behalf.

Now it’s time to turn our hearts to our summer ministry and our hands to getting our garden in, the yard work done, raising our yearly quota of meat chickens, etc. I need to get as much of the hand work done as possible before June 26, when I have my right thumb operated on. The doctor said I would need to avoid using the right hand for three months—lovely, things might get awkward. Oh well. It’s a good thing our summer ministry consists of talking, not hand use. Thank-you for your prayers in this regard.

Looking for  a way to help keep your children occupied during the summer?  Enclosed please find a brochure for Tel-A-Story–a ministry of CEF–USA.  This 1-888-878-8660 number is toll-free.  Children can call it every day for a different story.  It’s between 3-4 minutes long.


Right now our summer schedule is as follows:

June 25-29 (evenings)–VBS at Hillsborough Baptist Church

July 2–July 7–OPEN

July 9-15–OPEN

July 16-21–speaking at Hampton Bible Camp (ages 10-14)

July 24-28–speaking at Arrowhead Bible Camp (juniors)

July 31-August 4–VBS at Souris Valley Baptist Church (mornings)

July 31-August 3–VBS at Morning Gate Community Church (evenings)

August 6-12 –OPEN

August 14-18–VBS at French Lake (mornings)

August 14-18–VBS at  Parkside Baptist Church (evenings)

August 20-25–VBS at Northside Baptist Church at Campo Bello Island.

Aug. 29–Fun Fair at Hillsborough


We would still like to fill all the weeks, so if you would like some help to reach the boys and girls in your area, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Please join us in prayer for God to work mightily in the lives of the boys and girls that will participate in these events. Thanks.


Future plans are: 1–for Ron to participate in a Missions Conference in Manitoba, Sept. 24. 2–I have been accepted to teach the CEF pre-school training in Guyana, in northern South America, Sept. 30 – Oct. 8.   I will need to raise the money for my plane ticket there (around $650 US/$900 Can) and the cost of room and board, which is an additional $650 US/$900 Can.  What a great opportunity to blanket this small country with training and demonstration clubs in nine different regions. We’re trusting the Lord to establish 10 pre-school Good News Clubs in each region! This will start impacting the children from ages 3-6, guiding their little feet to the paths of righteousness at an early age.  If you would like to contribute to this trip, for US donors: please send to CEF International. Our account #LBRO 9611 240 (Ron and Eunice Wiebe) designated travel to Guyana.  For Canadian donors:  please send to CEF Canada to our account #WIR5 (Ron and Eunice Wiebe) designated travel to Guyana. Thanks.


Thanks again for your interest and support for the ministry of reaching boys and girls in Atlantic Canada. If we can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to call Ron at 506-378-4775. Thanks also for your prayers for our safety in travel and for good health as we minister this summer. May you have a blessed summer.


For the children,


Ron and Eunice Wiebe