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– Ron and Eunice Wiebe

Ron and Eunice Wiebe







February 2018

Dear Friends:

I trust your winter so far has not been too inconvenient, what with all the freezing rain spells, snow
storms, then rapid melting and several repeats of this cycle….it’s been like a roller coaster of weather!
At least we have a guaranteed topic of conversation!

We had some holiday time left over from last year, so we drove out to Manitoba and Minnesota during
an interlude in the bad weather in early January. Our original purpose was to be there when grandchild
number 3 was due to be born on the 15th. Then we received an invitation to do some teacher
training…so we added that to our agenda. By then Ron’s Mom broke her shoulder…which added an
urgency to our being there. Finally we got down to Max and Kendra’s house to wait for the baby….
Baby has it’s own agenda. We waited as long as possible and drove home January 27th. On Feb. 1 at
2:42 am we heard the news! Baby Jacob Levi Galaguz was born just before midnight on the 31st. He
weighed in at 3.6k (7# 14oz) and was 53cem (21”) long. Kendra and Jacob are doing fine.

This drive is very long, so we listened to a lot of sermons and audio Bible Chapters. I assimulated a
new fact about Jonah. It’s quite clear in the Bible that God’s will was for him to go to Nineveh, no
where else. But when he decided to disobey there was conveniently a boat going to Tarshish, extreme
opposite direction, and lo and behold! he had enough money for the ticket! Must be OK then. Right?
Wrong. Chuck Swindoll said: “Just because there is an open door doesn’t mean God changed His will.”
Then soon after I read this quote by Billy Graham: “Every time a man thinks of navigating far from the
Lord, the devil has a boat ready.” I hadn’t ever thought of this aspect of the Jonah story. It made me
wonder how often I have taken advantage of “boats going to Tarshish” because it seemed like all the
details were lining up, in spite of clear direction from God. Thanks for your prayers for our safety while
on the road. We want to thank and bless again, some special people who helped us purchase this
reliable car.

We pray daily for guidance about how to best use our time in God’s Kingdom. Our winter plans are
shaping up quickly. We will be doing a teacher training program in Moncton for most Monday
evenings during the months of February and March. Our regular Tuesday night children’s club at our
church is a highlight of our week. Several churches have booked Ron for preaching. We plan to drop in
on some people from our mailing list during the weekdays. Please contact us if you’d like us to add you
to our visit.

We have been asked to do preliminary evaluation for a young girl who is taking CEF training online. At
the end of February, Ron will be preparing to go and minister with Child Evangelism Fellowship in the
country of Belize in Central America. It’s called Good News Across Belize and will involve training
national volunteers to teach Bible lessons in the schools in their areas. Can you imagine reaching
thousands of children in school during school hours? Schools in Belize are wide open to the Gospel so
CEF’s goal for Belize is to be in 30 schools reaching about 3,000 children a week! CEF will be working
in three districts in Belize. Churches are partnering with CEF in this event and will be trained to
continue with Good News Clubs in the schools. Involvement will be demonstrating a Good News Club
and teaching in school assemblies. Ron will be helping out with demonstration classes along with other
duties. He will be gone from Feb. 23 to March 5th. On both legs of his trip he has to spend 12 hours at
the Atlanta, GA. airport. Thanks so much for your prayers for him. Thanks also for the many special
donations to help pay for his food and lodging. Thanks also for a very special couple who bought his
plane ticket, we thank you both and pray for a double blessing of God on your lives.

The plan is to target 5 different cities: Corozal; Orange Walk;
Belize City; Belmopan and San Ignacio. Ron hasn’t heard yet in
which city he will be ministering. You can see the locations on
the map.

He is really counting on your prayers. Please pray that he will
be able to make himself clearly understood. Although they
speak English, his accents and choice of words might hinder
their understanding.

Belize has a diverse society, composed of many cultures and
languages that reflect its rich history. English is the official
language of Belize, while Belizean Creole is an unofficial
native language. Over half the population is multilingual, with
Spanish being the second most common spoken language.
Belize has a tropical climate with pronounced wet and dry
seasons. Temperatures vary according to elevation, proximity to
the coast, and the moderating effects of the northeast trade
winds off the Caribbean. Average temperatures in the coastal
regions range from 24 °C (75.2 °F) in January to 27 °C
(80.6 °F) in July. (I think he will be more than happy to escape
our winter weather for 10 days!)

The capital city is Belmopan and the largest city is Belize City. Belize has relatively high rates of
violent crime. (Since we don’t know where he will be posted, please pray for his safety. Thanks) The
majority of violence in Belize stems from gang activity, which includes trafficking of drugs and persons,
protecting drug smuggling routes, and securing territory for drug dealing.

I will be staying here in New Brunswick, since I had the privilege of ministering in Guyana in October.
I plan to spend some time getting ready for grandchild number 4
due to be born to Ethan and Christina in March! Best of all, they
live 15 minutes from us! Getting grandchildren is fun stuff! I’m
also praying that God will grant that our other children, Jonathan
and Lyn will be able to have babies as well. We do have on-going
responsibilities, training classes, kids clubs, correspondence, new
material preparation, studying new material for summer VBS and
camps, that I will be taking care of while Ron is gone.

We are continuing to plan for camp speaking, 5 Day Clubs and
VBS’s for this summer. We’d love to help you. Call us at: 506-
378-4775. The VBS theme is: UNDERWATER ADVENTURE / DIVE!
For the children,

Ron and Eunice Wiebe 506 378 4775
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